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Long-arm Quilting Services

Long Arm Quilting Brochure

Have your pieced quilt finished on my Gammill Statler Stitcher (that I’ve affectionately named Jenny)! Adorn your quilt with professional, computer-guided long-arm precision stitching, done in a fast and friendly environment.


We offer custom, semi-custom, and edge-to-edge quilting with competitive prices that are designed to fit every budget. Examples of 2Quilt or not 2Quilt’s quilting can be seen throughout our website. facebook, or I’d be happy to email you photos of completed quilts.

Base rate example table:



Quilting is calculated by the square inch (length x width) and the level of complexity of the quilting.










Starting July 1st, 2013, all new projects will have a $50 minimum long-arm service. This is before batting and material charges. If you have a smaller project you would like me to quilt, I can either charge $50 for the service, or you can combine the project with another project to get the total square inches up. I just ask you use the same backing for the projects (sewn together or one piece) so that I am working on the projects at the same time. I charge $10 to sew the backs together for you.


Rush orders will be charged a minimum of 30$, if I can even do it in the timeframe you desire.


Edge-to-Edge: starts at $0.015 per square inch

(same pattern repeated across entire quilt)

Semi-custom Edge-to-Edge: starts at $0.025 per square inch

(includes one separate border/medallion or cornerstone design)

Custom Quilting: starts at $0.03 per square inch, price adjusts depending on choices

(includes up to 2 border designs or 1 border plus individual square and/or sashing designs)

T-shirt Quilting with Standard Thread: starts at $0.020 per square inch

(same pattern repeated across entire quilt except where applicable due to pockets, collars or other obstructions)


Binding (customer to provide binding ready to be applied)

Front or back only applied by machine: $0.10 per linear inch

Front and back by machine: $0.20 per linear inch


Material charge starts at $10

This includes threads, new needles and anything else I might need to make your quilt shine!



Customer may supply own batting, 8″ wider and longer than the top. Please, no hi-loft poly, as this is terrible to quilt.

Depending on the batting I have in stock, I can supply the batting for an agreed upon price, depending on what I purchased it for. I generally use an all-natural, high-quality batting, as this just looks better, quilts better, and adds to the durability of the quilt.IMG_20120116_113231-300x224

IMG_0807We now offer custom quilt labels, starting at just $10!


Quilt Preparation

-Quilt tops and backs should be squared, pressed, and all threads cut, starch is a bonus!

-Quilt tops, backing, and batting should all be separate (not basted together)

-Quilt backs should not be a sheet, as this is very hard to quilt through, and will cause tension issues and thread breaks.

-If your quilt top has lots of seams at the edges, this is a nice time to pull out your serger or to stitch 1/4 an inch around the total. This will keep your seams flat and help with excess stretching and squareness.

-Mark quilt top and back to indicate which end will be at the head of the bed (I suggest using a piece of masking tape or a pinned note)

-Backing and batting needs to be at least 8″ wider and longer than the quilt top

-Place quilt top, back, and batting in plastic bag(s) if shipping to avoid water damage or soiling if box is ripped open

-Return shipping charges will be calculated based on size/weight of quilt and insurance coverage (if requested)

Please feel free to message me for a custom quote or questions.


Not a quilter? I also specialize in custom quilting from start to finish using your favorite fabrics, clothing, designs, and more!

Just ask, and you can have a tailor made quilt for you and your loved ones that will last for generations!

Dream it, and together we can make it happen!