T-shirt Quilts

I’ve received a lot of requests regarding t-shirt quilts. Yes, I would be happy to take your t-shirts and create a lovely quilt with them! fays-tshirt-quilt

The picture to the right is poor quality, I admit, but you get the general idea. This quilt was made with a variety of t-shirts that were used in proportion with their logo, so you don’t have a quilt with each block the same size regardless of the image. The sashing between the t-shirts was done in an animal print that the customer loved. Lastly, the border was done in various denims, also as requested by the customer. The combination made for a very heavy quilt, but still very lovely to cuddle up with and enjoy all those memories!

On this page, I will post photos and information on various t-shirt quilts, so check back periodically.

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